We hope all of our Facebook friends had a peaceful and joyful Easter. In an ever-changing and uncertain world, it is so reassuring to know that our living Lord Jesus is an unchanging and constant source of love and faithfulness to us all – someone we can anchor our lives to.

Transom Trust continues to go through a time of great change as we expand our supported housing provision. This month’s Prayer Update: covers all areas of Trust life; sets out how the Good Lord has blessed us; and also sets out how we need Him to sustain us through the challenges of going through more changes (even the positive ones). We hope you find this update encouraging and useful. Thank you so much for your prayers – you are all very much appreciated. We know the Good Lord will work with you to great effect, for His Glory. To receive a copy of our Prayer Update, please e-mail the Transom Trust Office on and please find it here.