The launch of our “50-50 Fund” gives you a fresh opportunity to give to the current and developing work of Transom Trust.

If you would like to make a donation to the Transom Trust 50-50 Fund, please make payments online via our Stewardship Partner Account – – or directly to:

Account name: Transom Trust Business Savings Account

Account number: 31812326

Sort Code: 09-01-29

If you are a UK Taxpayer and agree to Gift Aid your donations to Transom Trust, please e-mail Transom Trust at saying:

“Please treat all the donations that I give to the Transom Trust 50-50 Fund from xx/xx/xx (please enter date) as Gift Aid donations to Transom Trust.”

Reasons for Giving?

Homelessness is such a complex area to address as the causes are so diverse.

Anyone wanting to play a part in tackling homelessness in any meaningful way can seem daunted by the challenge, or not know where to start.

We need to raise funds to continue and develop our work to provide supported housing for ex-rough sleepers, and play our part in addressing the challenging issue of homelessness.

It is a privilege to give our residents a safe home, and the hope and opportunity to lead a more fulfilling life via independent living.

The majority of our income pays the rent on the flats to our national partners – Green Pastures – who buy the properties which we lease and manage.

This means that we need to secure additional income to:

  • run the Trust on a daily basis, including the work of our project manager;
  • match monies raised via grants;
  • continue to fulfil the Trust’s vision to add new properties;
  • and maintain our current flats to a high standard.

For management and transparency purposes, donations to the “50-50 Fund” will be put into a Transom Trust bank account that is separate from our current operations account.

This will enable you to play your part in tackling homelessness in a specific and tangible way through the ongoing and developing work of Transom Trust.

You will have the assurance that your donations will be: managed well; used on the activities listed above; and will give our residents the hope and opportunity to lead a more fulfilling life. Thank you.

For more information about finance and donations, please email:

“I must start with my utmost gratitude, thanks, and praise for your continued help and support. Without this, I feel I would have continued to have no life, and there is no doubt in my mind that I would be deceased by now. So many of my fellow homeless addicts are now deceased, so many in such a short period of time. I have a big debt owed to society and I hope I can help others find hope and coping strategies for a very bleak future as people’s situations are getting worse.” – Former Resident